The new $15 Trillion Mobile Payments Gold Rush

The world is moving fast from cash and credit cards to making payments on the apps on our phones. Better phones, faster mobile internet and technology from start-ups like Square and Stripe making the transition easy. Forbes magazine recently liking it to a new $15 trillion gold rush. The electronic payments market has seen a […]

PayPal Here vs Square

PayPal Here vs Square Two of the most widely used mobile payment solutions or application are the PayPal Here and the Square. But how does this two differ? The apps The Square has two main types; the first one is the iPad- exclusive and the Square Register. In the Smartphone app, it allows you to […]

What is PayPal Here?

PayPal Here is a payment solution through the use of your mobile phone. It includes free applications and a card reader that is only size of a thumb that are applicable for your smartphones. It allows you to simply accept various forms of payment and is absolutely secured whether you are in a far place. […]

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin Exchanges The Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency that has a system of peer-to-peer payment that is developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in January in the year of 2009. This digital currency is known to be an innovative currency and as an electronic currency that is first decentralized. This is not owned by anybody […]

What is Bitcoin Mining?

What is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin mining is a transaction processing in the system of digital currency. In this process, current records of the bitcoin transactions that are known to be blocks to the records of transactions done in the past. This is known as the block chain. Blocks or the bitcoin’s current records are proof […]

What is Bitcoin?

So what are Bitcoins anyway? Bitcoins were first released in 2008 and started circulating in 2009, Bitcoin is created and developed by Satoshi Nakamato. It is a form of electronic money that is unregulated. This means that there are no banks, government or private organizations that regulate the circulation of this form of digital money. Bitcoin is a virtual […]

What are Digital Currency Exchanges?

What are Digital Currency Exchanges? Digital currency exchanges are ways of trading and selling digital currencies. This is done through digital currency exchangers or the DCE. This is a kind of business that allows the customers to trade and sell the currency for other types of assets like fiat money or other types of digital currency. […]

What is Digital Currency?

What is Digital Currency? Digital currency is a form of a virtual currency or it can be a medium for exchange that is created and stored electronically. This type of currency can also be a medium in buying goods and services. A type of this currency are the cryptocurrencies, example of this is the bitcoin. […]